About Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL)

It has been a long journey for Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL) to its current position as one of the most successful and diversified public shareholding companies in the GCC.

Established back in 1952, the company began with humble beginnings when founder the late Abdul Salam Mohamed Abu Issa opened Doha’s first ever studio and film processing laboratory, named Salam Studio. Thanks to an entrepreneurial spirit that still endures today, business soon flourished and by 1963 larger premises were acquired.

From the 1970’s through to the 1990’s Salam expanded and diversified further, both vertically and horizontally, until in 1998 it established Salam International Investment Ltd (SIIL), a public shareholding company. Over the next ten years, new manufacturers and markets were pursued and SIIL continued to quickly grow, diversify, and expand across Qatar, the GCC and beyond, while catering to a distinguished list of clients.

In 2005, all other Salam companies merged into SIIL to become one of the largest public listed conglomerates in Qatar, specializing in five sectors of business: contracting & construction, energy & Industry, technology & automation, retail & distribution, and hospitality. Then in 2006, SIIL established Salam Bounian as its real estate development arm. These days, SIIL continues to innovate and grow while constantly seeking alliances with reputable companies and individual investors with a vision of inspiring family owned groups across the Middle East.